Tickle Torture

Chicago Tickle Torture

I do like to laugh. I do love a good tickle torture session. I find that I laugh just as must as My tickle tortured pet.

Chicago Tickle Torture with Mistress Bella Sultana

With one small exception, I get to control the laughter! When I tickle you, you experience tickle torture at its best. When you get tickled, you laugh. When I tickle you, you and I laugh.

When I need to catch My breath, I breath, you laugh. Delicious isn’t it!

The great thing about laughing when you get tickled, it’s a natural laugh, an innate laugh. It’s not like when you hear a bad joke and social convention requires that you force a laugh. When you get tickled, you have no choice but to laugh.

I like to subject you to things in which you have no choice but to do as I command!

Forced tickle torture can either be used for mild interrogation purposes or simply for a harmless method of dominating you. When I tickle you, you don’t really feel pain. Sometimes you feel humiliated. And always you feel as though you can’t get it to stop!

Tickle torture has been used throughout history, particularly the Chinese have employed tickle torture. The Chinese used tickle torture to punish their nobility. The torture left no marks and the tortured subject could recover quickly.

Ways to endure tickle torture:

Length of time you get tickled,

the intensity of the tickling or the areas that are being tickled.

Do you want your feet tickled? Do you have very ticklish feet? Let’s find out.

Others find their hands very ticklish.

Do you want your armpits, your body, your belly button or your ribs tickled?

Tickle Torture

In the past I have described why I enjoy bastinado so much. Do I need to bind your legs so that you can’t escape Me tickling the soles of your feet? Shall I try a cane strike there? How ’bout tickling with a feather? Would you like to be tickled with a leather riding crop?

Did you know there’s a name for a tickling fetish – Knismolagnia.

When you get tickled, do you prefer to be blindfolded? Do you want to be gagged so that you cannot cry out for Me to stop? How and where do you want to be tickled?